St. Joseph City Commissioners Ask For No Wake Zone Extension

St. Joseph City Commissioners have signed on to a request that the no wake zone in the river be extended by about 176 yards upstream. On Monday, they heard from Robert Kincaid, a local slip owner who’s worked with others concerned that wakes caused by boats are damaging their vessels, seawalls, and other property.

“The boat wake has increased, and it’s causing damage to both boats and marina property,” Kincaid told WSJM News. “As a slip owner in the condo association at Riverview Condo, any cost to fix damage is going to be out of my pocket.”

Kincaid and others felt that extending the no wake zone just a little would cause many boaters to slow down sooner, so the wakes they generate can dissipate before hitting any property. St. Joseph Township has also approved the request, and the final say will be up to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.