Big Lotto Winners Could Be Denied Medicare Under New Plan

Congressman Fred Upton has proposed legislation that would prevent big-time lottery winners from receiving Medicaid benefits. The St. Joseph Republican tells WSJM News someone who wins $80,000 or more in the lotto should have to count that money toward their income when applying for the federal program.

“Probably most states would say that an $80,000 winner or more is not going to be eligible for Medicaid in the future, and we’re going to save Medicaid hundreds of millions of dollars, and we may prioritize those monies into other health savings,” Upton said.

In Michigan, someone with an income of 138% of the federal poverty level would qualify for Medicaid. Upton estimates keeping lotto winners out of the system would save hundreds of millions per year. His plan passed a House subcommittee this week.