Comerica Park Unveils New Food Options On Opening Day

Friday was opening day for the Detroit Tigers, and Comerica Park Chef Marc Szubeczak came up with a new menu for the year. He’s added some healthy options like Chicken Shawarma nachos, which replaces the standard tortilla chips with chips made out of toasted pita. However, he told Michigan News Network there are also options if you want to break your diet.

“We still have sweets,” Szubeczak said. “We’re going to have strawberry shortcakes, we have ice cream, we have yogurts. He still have deep fried candy bars, stuff like that. There’s a lot of stuff all around.”

As a special on Opening Day, Little Caesar’s had a Coney Dog pizza topped with chili, cheese, onions, sliced hot dogs, and mustard. As for whether that will last the season, Chef Szubeczak says they’ll see how it goes.