Everyone Urged To Take Steps To Avoid Ticks This Summer

With the summer here, officials are reminding everyone how to avoid tick bites. Jessica VanGinhoven, with the Ottawa County Parks Department, tells WSJM News if you go for a lot of walks, then you run the risk of running into ticks.

“They like to hang out in tall grass, especially beach grass, and they just kind of wait for you to go by,” VanGinhoven said. “So, you brush up against them, they get on to your clothes, they make their way to your skin, and then they burrow in.”

Ticks can cause Lyme disease, which starts with a rash but can lead to a variety of more serious and painful symptoms. VanGinhoven recommends you always check yourself for ticks after a walk through a wooded area or near tall grass. If you catch the tick quickly enough, you can pull it off with tweezers. You can find out more at the CDC’s website.