Sarah Matthews


Hi there! Thanks for listening and stopping by! I guess this is where I tell you a little about me, huh?

For starters, I’m a local girl, born and raised here in Michigan’s Great Southwest in beautiful Eau Claire. After high school I attended Southwestern Michigan College where I graduated with my Associates then headed up to Western Michigan University. In February of 2002, while still at SMC, I started working in our Promotions Department before moving “up the ladder” and, well… here I am! Playing 20 in a row all week long, and working the other side of the mic in our sales department!

I’m the youngest of 4, AND the only girl – which explains my love for almost all things sports! A perfect day for me is filled with great music, a baseball game (Go Cubs!), and a group of family & friends. If there isn’t a baseball game on, you’ll probably find me watching football (Go Patriots!) or a NASCAR race (#88!).

After all these years, I’m still a sucker for a cute face – mainly my dog Duke’s… but my other animals (MacGyver-Dog, Cats: Sighe, Fats and Chloe) all have a soft place in my heart. Yes, even all 7(!) of the alpaca’s - except when they spit!

If I’m not in the office, behind the mic, cheering on my teams, or snuggling with Duke – you’ll probably find me trying to sneak backstage at a show. If you happen to be at one, and see me, make sure you say Hi!

Feel free to drop me a line anytime to talk music, sports, or whatever crazy thing the animals have done now at otherwise I’ll talk to ya Monday-Friday 10am-3pm!

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