Proos Backs Plan To Reduce Taxes On Craft Distilleries

A new plan to help the craft distillers in Michigan is being pushed by state Senator John Proos. He tells WSJM News the small makers of beer get big tax breaks in Michigan, so why not the small makers of liquor? Proos thinks the tax burden faced by craft distillers in the state put them at a disadvantage.

“As it turns out, we have the 9th highest tax rate for distilled spirits in the nation,” Proos said. “We want to look at that and see how we can make it more beneficial to the bottom line, especially when you know just a few miles south of us in Indiana, they’re only the 42nd highest tax state when it comes to distilled spirits.”

Proos’s legislation would give a tax break similar to the one that beer makers get to distillers. It would apply to the first 60,000 gallons of booze they make in a given year. The plan has passed the state Senate and Proos hopes for House passage by the end of the year.