Legislation Would Create Tax Break For Small Distilleries In Michigan

State Senator John Proos has a plan to help out Michigan craft distillers. He’s proposed legislation that would give the smaller makers of liquor a tax break similar to the one given to the makers of craft beer. Proos tells WSJM News the lower taxes paid by craft brewers have helped them greatly in recent years.

“But the distillers do not have the same benefits that you see for our wineries and brew pubs,” Proos said. “As it turns out, they’re paying Jim Beam prices, the same kind of prices our multinational corporations pay across the state. We’d like to give the best befit to those small businesses to grow and to expand and to reinvest in jobs.”

Proos’ plan would give a similar tax reduction as the beer makers to distillers up to 60,000 gallons for a given year. He says the legislature can implement the tax break while finding savings elsewhere so it doesn’t cost anything. Proos’ legislation has passed the state Senate, and he’s hoping for House passage by the end of the