Cook Plant Remains In Strong Financial Position

With this week’s announcement that the Palisades nuclear power plant is shutting down, we wondered if this means anything for the Cook plant near Bridgman. Cook spokesperson Bill Schalk tells WSJM News shifting market trends have hurt smaller, single unit nuclear plants, but the two-unit Cook plant remains a big asset for its owner, Indiana Michigan Power. He points out I&M is investing big in Cook.

“We are right in the middle of a life cycle management project where we are investing a little over a billion dollars into the plant that will continue to ensure the reliability and cost effective generation of Cook for many generations to come,” Schalk said.

Schalk says the Cook plant is in a strong financial position for I&M.

“Cook nuclear plant remains in a strong financial position for Indiana Michigan Power,” Schalk said. “The economies of scale of having two larger sized units is a big benefit. Cook remains to be a low cost clean power provider to our customers, and a steady contributor to our corporate earnins.”

The Cook plant’s two units are licensed to operate through 2034 and 2037.