New Energy Policy Bills Sent To Governor Snyder

The Michigan House and Senate have approved a rewrite of state energy laws on the final day of voting for the House during the two-year term. The Republican-led chamber voted Thursday to boost the required use of renewable sources of power and to keep intact some competition in the electricity market on the final day of the two-year term.

The bills, which passed 79-28 and 76-31, were sent to the Senate for final votes after days of wrangling. The House GOP had long been at an impasse on an energy overhaul, until changes were made to mollify proponents of the “choice” program that gives competitors up to 10% of sales in the territories of utility giants DTE Electric and Consumers Energy.

The bills require the state to produce 15% of all energy from renewable sources by 2022, up from 10% now. Representative Al Pscholka says the state is already over 12%, so he doesn’t think it will be hard to do. Governor Snyder was involved in the negotiations on the bills in the closing days of session, and plans to sign the bills very quickly.