Update I&M Outage Map Now Provides More Information

Indiana Michigan Power has unveiled a new and improved outage map. You may have used the old outage map before to find out how many power outages the company is dealing with at any given time. Now, spokesperson Erica Putt tells WSJM News the updated map can tell you more.

“It will give customers a little bit more information,” Putt said. “They’ll actually be able to type in their address, and it will zoom down giving them some specific information as far as when the power went out, what caused the outage, and more importantly, when the power is expected to be restored.”

Putt says GPS information on meters and other technology makes it easier for I&M to track outage information and get it out to the public. Go to IndianaMichiganPower.com/OutageMap and you can check out where the power’s out, and all of those other details.