AAA: Take Steps To Make Sure Your Car Starts

With the low temperature Sunday night possibly dipping to zero, AAA of Michigan is reminding drivers to take some steps to make sure their cars will start. Spokesperson Gary Bubar tells WSJM News you should do a few things to help out the battery.

“Folks need to remember that at zero degrees, the starting power of your battery is going to drop about 60%,” Bubar said. “So, if you can, start your car once in a while. Keep it warm if it’s possible to do that.”

Bubar says if the battery is more than three years old, you may have a problem with it. Also, park in a garage if possible, or try to keep your car out of direct winds. You may even want to put a tarp on the hood. Finally, make sure the gas tank is at least half full. Otherwise, you could wind up with frozen lines.