Reminder — Don’t Leave Pets Outside In Frigid Weather

The cold expected this week is a reminder for pet owners not to leave their animals outside. Jill Svoboda, with the Humane Society of Southwest Michigan, tells WSJM News if you leave Fido outside, give him a good shelter.

“They need to have proper shelter out there,” Svoboda said. “So, they need to have it insulated, the dog house needs to be insulated.”

Svoboda says when it’s freezing, the dog shouldn’t be left out for more than a few minutes. If you take him for a walk, use your own comfort to judge when you should come back. Also, Svoboda says you can help out stray cats by putting some straw or Mylar in a cheap, Styrofoam cooler, and leaving it outside. Don’t forget to cut a hole in it.