MI Lawmakers Praised For Bipartisanship

Michigan lawmakers have wrapped up all voting for the year, and groups from both sides of the aisle are commending them for managing to get a few things done in a bipartisan way. Rachel Richards, with the Michigan League for Public Policy, tells us one bright spot is a plan to ease some of the rules for expelling students.

“Keeping a child in school instead of suspending or expelling them really benefits everybody, in that sometimes the parents don’t need to find daycare, don’t need to stay home in order to take care of the child. And it also helps the child, because the child is still in school and learning.”

Richards also praised a supplemental budget bill to fix issues with the federal Heat and Eat program. State lawmakers return to work the second week of January, and Richards says her group and others are hoping to see the same bipartisan cooperation on other policies that can help struggling Michiganders.