West Michigan’s Top Baby Names For 2016 Unveiled

The most popular name for baby girls in West Michigan in 2016 is Olivia. Liam tops the list for boys according to the Family Birthplace at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, which delivers more babies than any other hospital in Michigan. The rest of the top five for girls are Charlotte, Evelyn, Ava and Emma, while Levi, James, William and Elijah are the rest of the top five for boy babies. The only names on the list that weren’t there last year were Nora and Abigail for girls, but both were among the top ten in 2014.

Here are the top names for the year:

1. Olivia
2. Charlotte
3. Evelyn
4. Ava
5. Emma
6. Elizabeth
7. Sophia
8. Nora
9. Harper
10. Abigail

1. Liam
2. Levi
3. James
4. William
5. Elijah
6. Mason
7. Lincoln
8. Jack
9. Charles
10. Benjamin