Flint, US Officials Tell Flint Residents Water Is Improving

Flint officials, along with Michigan and federal officials, say the most recent test results show the level of lead in the city’s water is dropping. Officials also told a town hall meeting Wednesday that chlorine residuals have become “excellent” and that bacteria issues have become almost non-existent.

However, despite the improved water quality, there was no call for an end to bottled water distribution or removal of faucet filters. Several people interrupted the meeting, saying they didn’t believe the water safety claims. Dr. Nicole Lurie of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services noted the water crisis isn’t over. She said residents are still advised to use a filter but people ought to see “there are signs of progress.” The lack of water treatment to control corrosion caused lead to leach from pipes and old fixtures in some homes.

Scientists said over 96% of the homes tested in Flint in the past six months have lead levels in the water under the federal standard of 15 parts per billion.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.