MI Lawmakers Looking Forward To State Of The State Address

State Senator John Proos has a few things he’s hoping to hear from Governor Rick Snyder during Tuesday’s State of the State address. He tells WSJM News one priority for the coming year should be reducing prison costs. Proos thinks reducing the rate of recidivism by getting to the root cause of some crimes would help.

“After all, the individuals who enter our criminal justice system often times have drug, alcohol, or mental health concerns that, if addressed early, would divert them from a life of crime — at least give a better chance of diverting people from a life of crime — and thereby decrease the costs that we have at the state, local, and federal levels,” Proos said.

Proos hopes the governor will bring that issue up, along with reducing auto insurance rates by reforming the no fault system. Meanwhile, state Representative Mary Whiteford, of Casco Township, tells us she’s hoping the governor will say something about broadband access in rural areas. The South Haven area resident tells us she hears about the issue all of the time.

“I have a very rural district with several towns that have good coverage, but most of the people in my district do not have it,” Bedford said. “That affects the economy in so many ways. It affects our students in getting their homework done.”

Governor Snyder’s address will set the tone for state lawmakers as they head into a new session. He’ll begin speaking at 7 p.m. You will be able to stream the speech here.