SJ City Manager To Meet With Railroad To Discuss Bluff Concerns

St. Joseph City Manager John Hodgson is meeting next week with CSX Railroad to talk about a section of the bluff along Old Lakeshore Road that some fear is in danger of collapsing. Hodgson tells WSJM News he had a little trouble getting the railroad to talk until the office of Congressman Fred Upton reached out to them.

“This is much better,” Hodgson said. “We really appreciate his efforts in getting CSX to talk to us,” Hodgson said.

The seawall down below 2405 Old Lakeshore appears to have failed, and it would be up to CSX to fix it. The fear is that the railroad track could wind up in the lake, along with any train that might be unlucky enough to pass by. A resident told city commissioners Monday she’s been keeping an eye on the bluff and it seems stable for now.