MSU Advertising Experts Rank Super Bowl LI Ads

What did you think of the Super Bowl commercials last night? The ads for avocados and Skittles were tops, according to Michigan State University Advertising and Public Relations Professor Bob Kolt, but he says the auto ads were great, too.

“We just thought the Honda ad stood out when it aired, and there were a lot of good spots,” says Kolt. “In fact, all of the automakers did well. Ford had an electric car spot that was number three, and Mercedes, KIA, even the Alfa Romeo spots scored well. So it was a good night for the auto industry.”

84 Lumber’s ad, which was deemed too controversial to be shown in its entirety due to the political nature of a woman and her daughter trying to get into the United States, only to find a border wall, directed people to their website. That site crashed during the game due to the high traffic volume. Among the worst ads, Kolt says those included the American Petroleum Institute ad and the movie trailers.