Proos Praises Bill To Encourage Investment In Border Communities

State Senator John Proos is praising legislation passed this week designed to help border communities in Michigan attract new businesses. The Senate bill expands the state’s definition of “qualified new jobs” when it comes to tax breaks. Under current law, companies that come to the state and create jobs only qualify for breaks when the workers they’re employing live in Michigan. Under the plan, they could still get state help, even if some employees lives across the state line. Proos tells WSJM News that’s good news for southwest Michigan.

“I’m pleased that the Michigan Senate recognizes the importance of economic development tools that allow us along the Indiana-Michigan border to compete for jobs, jobs that would otherwise go to Indiana,” Proos said.

Now, a company in Michigan which employs a worker who lives in South Bend, for example, could still get state tax breaks for creating that job. The bill passed on a 24 to 13 vote and has been sent to the House.