St. Joseph City Leaders In Talks With Railroad About Strengthening The Bluff

CSX Railroad is planning to send an engineer to St. Joseph next month to talk with local officials about a section of the bluff that some fear is in danger of collapsing. Part of the bluff near 2405 Old Lakeshore looks like it could cave in, and St. Joe City Manager John Hodgson tells WSJM News he, the mayor, and representatives of Congressman Fred Upton met with CSX this month to talk about it.

“We explains what our residents are seeing and what we see in terms of the failure of the shore protection and the erosion on the bluff that we’re seeing, and that our community is so concerned because we’ve seen this kind of failure in the past,” Hodgson said.

Hodgson says parts of the bluff fell in during the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The city would like to avoid a repeat. He tells us a plan to strengthen the bluff along Old Lakeshore would involve new vegetation and possibly a repaired sea wall. Since CSX owns the property, it would be up to them to make that happen.