Sulfuric Acid Lead Found In Tank Outside Cook Plant

The Cook nuclear power plant in Bridgman is cleaning up after about 1,000 gallons of sulfuric acid leaked out of a tank via a drain flange Wednesday. Cook spokesperson Bill Schalk tells WSJM News the acid essentially all went into a back-up container.

“The tank actually sits inside what is essentially a concrete tub,” Schalk said. “So, the acid that leaked from the tankwas collected in the tub, and we’re in the process of collecting that acid in a hazmat truck and disposing of it. None of the acid reached the ground or the ground water or Lake Michigan.”

Schalk says the plant had crews on scene to pump the acid out and dispose of it. Once that work is finished, they’ll figure out what caused the leak with the flange. Cook notified the EPA and the NRC of the issue right after it happened.