Bill Seeks To Eliminate Daylight Saving Time In Michigan

This weekend we’ll lose an hour with the start of Daylight Saving Time. An effort is underway in Lansing, however, to get rid of DST and keep Michigan on Eastern Standard Time year-round. State Representative Peter Lucido of Macomb County is the sponsor.

“I understand during war times, they thought this would save energy and save us money, and it actually didn’t,” says Lucido. “It actual costs us more because of the darkness and having to turn the lights on in the house.”

There are also safety and other considerations for making the change. Lucido says our internal clocks won’t get messed up.

“We’ll have less work accidents. We’ll have people who will show up to work on time and not be late. Students won’t have to be fussing around, because teachers say it’s disruptive to students.”

Staying on Eastern Standard Time would put Michigan in the same time zone as New York during the winter, but Chicago in the summer as everyone around us changes clocks. It would also result in two different times between Niles and South Bend – and opposite of how it used to be before Indiana began observing Daylight Saving Time in 2006.