Everyone Reminded To Mind Their Food This Holiday Weekend

With Memorial Day weekend here, you may be thinking about holding a barbecue or picnic soon, and that’s why the USDA is putting out a reminder on how to be safe with your food. Specialist Marianne Gravely tells WSJM News you should follow time guidelines about leaving food out in the heat, especially when it’s over 80.

“Those are temperatures that bacteria really like, so you have to be careful about how long you keep food out,” Graverly said. “In the sun or in the heat, you don’t want your food to sit out for more than one hour, and two if it’s more than 90 degrees.”

Gravbely tells us the USDA’s biggest recommendation for summer food safety is to use a meat thermometer when barbecuing. She tells us that’s the best way to avoid becoming one of the 48 million Americans who get a food-borne illness each year. You can find out more at AskKaren.gov.