Michigan Attorney General Announces New Anti-Opioid Team

A new law enforcement team designed to help fight the opioid epidemic has been formed by Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette. Spokesperson Andrea Bitely tells WSJM News the team will be focused on catching traffickers, dealers, and doctors who prescribe too many opioids. She notes the opioid issue is of particular significance in southwest Michigan.

“We’ve all seen law enforcement officers stopped along the side of I-94, and one of the reasons they’re there is they’re looking for these terrible drugs, heroin and opioid-based drugs,” Bitely said.

Bitely tells us the AG’s new team consists of four attorneys and two others who will work with local law enforcement to fight the supply side of the opioid epidemic. She says this is not about punishing those with drug problems. In fact, Attorney General Schuette said on Wednesday law enforcement cannot “arrest our way out of this problem.”