Van Buren State Lawmaker Working To Expand Broadband Access, Promote STEM

It’s been a busy year for state Representative Beth Griffin. The Mattawan Republican tells us it was satisfying to see her first bill signed into law by the governor this April. It was a plan to help schools pay for energy efficiency projects. She’s also working to help expand access to broadband internet in rural areas.

“Rural broadband access requires a whole lot of cooperation between road commissions, between local entities like cities, towns, and villages, and also the companies themselves,” Griffin said. “Bringing everybody to the table, which is something that’s happening, that’s easy, but arriving at a sweet spot, that’s a challenge.”

Griffin tells us she’s hoping her bill to give tax breaks to broadband companies expanding access will get a hearing soon. She notes one big piece of legislation she’s supported is a plan to encourage more STEM education in Michigan by giving high school students the flexibility to take more technical classes. That’s now in the Senate.