Berrien Sheriff Opposed To Handgun Bill

Officials across Michigan have been split on the handgun legislation approved this week by the Michigan House. Berrien County Sheriff Paul Bailey is among those against it. The plan eliminates a requirement to get a license to carry a concealed handgun, while also eliminating a requirement to get special training. Bailey tells WSJM News that’s the part he dislikes.

“We don’t put any law enforcement on the road without going through training every year,” Bailey said. “So, a police officer cannot become a police officer and just go on the road and get a gun. They have to go through lots of training.”

Bailey says he respects the second amendment and believes a person can have as many guns as they want on their own property, but thinks it’s a bad idea for just anyone to go around carrying a concealed gun. He’s not alone. Several Michigan police organizations have opposed the plan.