LaSata Pleased With New State Budget

State Representative Kim LaSata tells WSJM News the new state budget, approved by lawmakers this week, puts Michigan in a good position for the future. She says it pays down debt while reducing long-term obligations. LaSata adds it also increases support for law enforcement.

“One of the things that I really like is the increased funding for public safety,” LaSata said. “With this new budget, the state is pending more on public safety and we’re going to be able to have more than 150 new Michigan State Police troopers.”

There’s about a 2% increase for higher education, and LaSata notes K-12 schools get more as well.

“We’ve increased funding for every student this year between $60 and $120,” LaSata said.

LaSata also appreciates the reforms to the state’s teacher pension system, telling us the new deal is better for the teachers themselves. Lawmakers managed to get the budget approved before the constitutional deadline in the fall, but it did take them a little longer than usual due to the pension question.