Preparations Underway For “Michigan’s Longest Garage Sale”

Registrations are being taken now for what’s known as Michigan’s Longest Garage Sale. Kristopher Martin, with the Southwest Michigan Planning Commission, tells WSJM News there will be stops all along US-12 from New Buffalo to Detroit for the event slated for August 11 through August 12. You can learn a lot on the trip.

“This route has a lot of history,” Martin said. “It used to be a Native American trail for hundreds of years before it was one of the first major highways in the United States. It’s actually the nation’s second oldest highway.”

Martin also tells us there will be a huge variety of sales taking place along the road. They’ve been doing this each year since 2003, and anyone interested in signing up to be a stop should do so now.  There will be both individuals and businesses taking part in the sale. Registrations are being taken at