MI Congresswoman Defending The Affordable Care Act

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell is defending the Affordable Care Act as Senate Republicans gear up to get back to work on repealing and replacing it. Dingell told Michigan’s Big Show this week the situation with healthcare in America was hardly a good one before the ACA.

“People couldn’t afford their insurance,” Dingell said. “Parents were suddenly allowed to keep their children on their healthcare coverage until they’re 26. Pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies were allowed to deny people insurance if they had diabetes or high blood pressure, or if they were born prematurely.”

Dingell this week has been holding round tables with the parents of kids affected by health issues. She said she doesn’t think the U.S. is ready for full coverage of everyone, although she didn’t specify why. Dingell said the Affordable Care Act has been the substitute for that.