Upton Calls For Bipartisan Healthcare Solution

Congressman Fred Upton is calling for a bi-partisan solution to the issue of healthcare. He’s joined a group of about 40 lawmakers in the House determined to stabilize insurance markets and lower premiums. This group, known as the Problem Solvers, has been meeting quietly throughout the past month. Following this week’s collapse of a Senate Republican healthcare plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Upton issued a statement saying the path forward must seek “bipartisan, common-sense common-ground.” He maintains an ACA replacement must protect those with pre-existing conditions “and ensure states that expanded Medicaid, like Michigan, are secure.” You can read Upton’s full statement below.

The path forward to fixing the healthcare mess is seeking bipartisan, common-sense common-ground. At the top of our list is stabilizing insurance markets and ensuring lower premiums for patients. Our other goals are simple and what I’ve fought for all along: Protect those with pre-existing conditions and ensure states that expanded Medicaid, like Michigan, are secure. This will safeguard the most vulnerable amongst us so they do not have the rug ripped out from under them. I look forward to being a constructive, bipartisan partner in these efforts. To that effect, I have joined with nearly 50 members of both parties as part of the bipartisan “Problem Solvers” caucus to purse these goals.”