State Mental Health Task Force Begins Meeting

A new mental health task force of the Michigan House has held its first meeting. The body gathered in Howell on Monday to hear from doctors, law enforcement, and other organizations who could weigh in on how the state might have better policies to serve those who struggle with mental illness. State Representative Dave Pagel of Berrien Springs is on the panel, and tells us there are information sharing problems when it comes to the Michigan Department of Corrections.

“We don’t know how to identify the needs of the prisoners because we don’t have their medical records, and then we can’t give the ocmmunity that help when they’re released,” Pagel said. “Maybe we can make some headway on that. It seems like a specific change we could make.”

Pagel tells us there’s a big link between mental illness and the state prison system. The task force will be meeting all over the state.