Proos Expects Auto Insurance Reform To Be Priority When Lawmakers Return

When Michigan lawmakers return to Lansing full time after Labor Day, state Senator John Proos is expecting them to have another go at auto insurance reform. He tells WSJM News the key will be reforming the unlimited benefits for those who are catastrophically injured.

“We’ve got to find some reasonable reforms that keep a good benefit for people,” Proos said. “We understand that we don’t want to have bankrupt families who can’t afford to pay for these catastrophic injuries, but should they be paid for at the highest reimbursement rate, well above Medicare and Mediaid?”

Proos says people ask him about auto insurance costs all of the time. The state Senate has moved on the issue, but it stalled in the House, Proos says because there are a lot of injury specialists on the east side. Michigan has the most expensive auto insurance in the country.