200th Infant Surrendered Under Michigan’s Safe Delivery Law

Since the state of Michigan enacted its Safe Delivery law in 2001, 200 newborn babies have been safely dropped off with emergency service providers. Michigan Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson Bob Wheaton told WSJM News earlier this year the law is designed to let parents anonymously give up an infant without facing legal repercussions.

“An emergency service provider is defined as somebody who is in uniform or otherwise identified as being an employee of a hospital, fire department, or police station, and that individual has to be in the building an on duty at the time,” Wheaton said.

The Safe Delivery law was intended to make sure babies aren’t abandoned in dangerous places. Under it, infants can be dropped off with emergency service providers within 72 hours of their birth. The 200th baby to be surrendered according to the Safe Delivery law was brought to a Kent County hospital in June.