Powerball Jackpot Up To $700 Million

The Powerball jackpot for Wednesday’s drawing is now up to $700 million. That’s the second highest it’s ever been. The Michigan Lottery’s Jeff Holyfield tells WSJM News he’s met Lotto players who have won some of those massive jackpots, and they tend to have something in common.

“When we talk to the big winners, they’re overwhelmed,” Holyfield said. “They’re normal people and then they plunk down $2 and, with a bit of luck, they’re multi-millionaires. It takes them a while to wrap their heads around that and to understand that, ‘Hey. My life is going to be far different going forward than it has been.’”

The odds of getting the Powerball jackpot are one in 292 million, but as Holyfield notes, you can’t win if you don’t play. The next drawing is Wednesday night, and tickets are $2.