No-Fault Auto Insurance Reform Plan Dies In State Senate

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan’s proposal to roll back no-fault car insurance rates by 30% has been denied. Michigan News Network Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick tells us the plan has support of the House Republican leader, but Senate Republican Leader Arlan Meekhof says no.

“if you can’t get something by him, it’s dead and he says the proposal on this is dead,” Skubick said. “I asked him several times, and he said it is dead, dead, dead. He will talk about some no-fault reforms, but he will not talk about a 30% rollback. He says that basically would be price fixing.”

According to Skubick, Duggan will now try to get past the Michigan House and deal with the Senate later on. Governor Rick Snyder and some state lawmakers have stated reducing auto insurance rates will be a top priority in Lansing for the remainder of the year. The issue is they want to reform rules which require unlimited coverage for catastrophic injuries.