New Season For Niles Scream Park Gets Underway

The Niles Scream Park has begun another season of thrills and chills. The scream park’s Christina Rhebergen tells WSJM News one new attraction this year that ought to be a scream is a tour called “Hooded.”

“What’s different about it is you go through alone,” Rhebergen said. “You cannot go through as a group or with your friends. Guys cannot put their girlfriends in front of them to shield them or anything. You’re also hooded. Literally, we put a hood on your head, and the final blow is the actors can touch you, which is not allowed anywhere else.”

You have to sign a waiver for that one. Other attractions at the Niles Scream Park include “Incarcerated,” which simulates a prison riot, and the Field of Screams, featuring all sorts of scares like mazes. The Niles Scream Park will be open through the end of October, and everyone’s invited to come down and have a fright. You can find out more at