Van Buren District Library Pushing Anti-Bullying Message This Month

All throughout the month of October, the seven branches of the Van Buren District Library will be working to prevent bullying. It’s part of a national effort, and the library’s Kay McAdams tells WSJM News there will be a variety of special programs.

“For an example, at our Lawrence branch throughout the month of October, they are having a stone hunt,” McAdam said. “They are going to put stones throughout the Lawrence community with positive messages on them and encouraging residents to go out and find one, share it, re-hide it.”

At the Bangor branch, they’ll be making cards with kind messages on them. McAdam tells us libraries are welcoming places where all are respected, and the Van Buren District Library wants to inject a little civility back into everyday life. You can learn about the plans at each branch at