Andrews Professor Saluted For Participation In Nobel-Winning Project

An Andrews University physics professor is being saluted by the institution for her work as part of a scientific collaboration that has now won a Nobel Prize. It was announced this week the Nobel Prize in Physics this year is going to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory — or LIGO — Scientific Collaboration. Part of that collaboration is Tiffany Summerscales who works for Andrews. She, along with her students, represented Andrews University as one of 103 academic institutions in 18 countries that make up the LIGO collaboration. Andrews tells us three of that project’s leaders, professors out of MIT and Caltech, are the specific named recipients of the Nobel Prize. In announcing the award this week, the Royal Swedish Academy called LIGO’s work “a discovery that shook the world.” The LIGO team proved an Albert Einstein theory about gravitational waves.