Krasl Aims To Add A Welcoming Outdoor Space


WSJM News told you this week about a crowdfunding effort launched by the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph to help pay for an improvement project. Krasl is seeking $50,000 in online donations for a new outdoor space near the sculpture commonly known as Lotus the Hippo. Krasl’s Julia Gourley tells us the overall goal is actually to raise $1.7 million to attract more visitors.

“We are in the midst of a project called Sculpting Community that will comprehensively redevelop our grounds outside the Krasl Art Center to become a people-centered, active outdoor space,” Gourley said. “It will include an event green, a patio, a place for people to gather.”

Gourley says the $50,000 crowdfunding plan is just part of the project. In that case, Krasl hopes folks will donate so it can qualify for a state match and also a couple of local matches. Here’s a link to the donation page. Gourley tells us art museums can be intimidating to some people. They want the Krasl outdoor space to be welcoming to everyone.

Image courtesy of Krasl.