State offers Tips To Avoid Identity Theft

With Governor Rick Snyder proclaiming October as Michigan’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Michigan Department of Treasury is asking Michiganders to practice cyber vigilance as a way to prevent tax-related identify theft. Spokesperson Ron Liex tells WSJM News it’s all about being careful online.

“Only connect to the internet over a secure, password-protect network,” Leix said. “Don’t click on pop-ups, attachments, or respond to e-mails from individuals you don’t know. Just play it safe when you’re online.”

Another tip is to never use the same password for more than one service. Leix says people who have their identities stolen could wind up losing out on tax refunds because of someone fraudulently filing a return in their name. If you suspect you’ve become the victim of identity theft, contact the Michigan Department of Treasury. You can learn the state’s tips at