Cass County Sheriff’s Department Takes Part In No Shave November

The Cass County Sheriff’s Department is relaxing one of the rules for its deputies and dispatchers this month. Sheriff Richard Behnke tells WSJM News the office is taking part in No Shave November. They’re doing it to raise money for Domestic Assault and Sexual Abuse Services, which helps local victims.

“Each deputy who doesn’t shave, has to pay a donation fee to Domestic Assault and Sexual Abuse Services,” Behnke said. “Then for that month of November, they are allowed to grow the facial hair of their choosing. It doesn’t have to be a full beard. It can be a goatee or something like that.”

Sheriff Behnke tells us his officers are not normally allowed to have facial hair beyond a mustache. This month, they have an excuse to get a little shaggier. Regular folks who want to contribute can contact the Cass County Sheriff’s Department.