Three Arrests In Two Benton Harbor Drug Busts

The Southwest Michigan Enforcement Team tells us it arrested two people as part of a Benton Harbor drug raid on Monday. It tells us officers searched a home at 1135 Superior Street. Inside, they say they found more than 80 grams of cocaine, more than 3 grams of crack, more than $13,000 in cash, and a stolen hand gun. The two suspects arrested were taken to the Berrien County Jail on drug and gun charges. Their names have not been released. Monday’s raid followed a raid last Wednesday at 460 Colfax Avenue in Benton Harbor. SWET tells us that search turned up several grams of crack, several grams of heroin, a shotgun with ammo, and cash. The investigation was in regards to the suspected sale and distribution of heroin. A 29-year-old woman was arrested in that case. The Southwest Enforcement Team is made up of law enforcement agencies from all over the region.