USDA Expert Talks Thanksgiving Food Safety

Food safety is something to keep in mind this Thanksgiving, according to the USDA. Food safety specialist Archie Magoulas tells WSJM News when cooking the turkey, or almost anything else, a food thermometer is your best friend.

“Cook to a save minimum 165 degrees,” Magoulas said. “That’s the standard for any kind of poultry. The last step is chill, and that means not leaving it out too long. You have to refrigerate within two hours.”

Magoulas says nothing should be left out for longer than two hours, and hot foods should be kept hot, while cold foods should be kept cold. He recommends putting leftovers in shallow containers and using them up within four days, unless you freeze them. He notes one in six Americans will get a food borne illness in the next year. The USDA’s meat and poultry helpline will be open this Thanksgiving. The number is 1-888-MPHotline.