Police Issue Warning About Fake $100 Bills

Police in St. Joseph continue to warn everyone about some fake currency that’s been duping some local businesses. The department of public safety says the fake $100 bills have shown up in St. Joe, Bridgman, Niles, and South Bend. The department has posted a photo of the suspect passing them on its Facebook page, and we have it at WSJM.com. Bridgman police tell us the fake bills are actually $10 bills done up to look like $100 bills. You can tell if you’ve got a fake by holding the bill into the light and reading what’s written on its security strip. It’s tiny print, but it should say 100 and not 10. Also, the watermark on the bill will show Alexander Hamilton and not Ben Franklin if it’s fake. The large portrait on the bill, however, will show Franklin. Police say it’s up to the clerk handling the money to pay extra attention.