Proos Talks State Parks Grants

State Senator John Proos is praising the recent announcement of this year’s Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grants. The trust fund awards grants to communities throughout Michigan each year for parks projects. Proos tells WSJM News the money it gives out does not include any tax dollars.

“The intent of the Natural Resources Trust Fund was to derive monies by virtue of the fees and taxes that are assessed to the oil and gas industry,” Proos said.

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund was created in the 1970s by a vote of the people. Proos tells us the board which awards parks grants from the trust fund each year is intentionally bi-partisan.

“Republicans and Democrats have staggered terms across the spectrum,” Proos said.

There are several southwest Michigan parks projects receiving money from the trust fund next year, assuming state lawmakers approve the proposed grants from the trust fund board. Proos tells us this is hardly the first time southwest Michigan has benefitted from the fund. Among the projects included in the most recent round are new parks in Oronoko Township and Haragr Township. There’s also a new splash pad for South Haven and an expansion of Love Creek County Park in Berrien Center.