Utility Talks Christmas Light Costs

If your house is decorated with festive lights for this holiday season, remember you could probably be saving some money on your energy bills by upgrading. Consumers Energy spokesperson Brian Wheeler tells WSJM News those old C bulbs you could still be stringing up around the house cost about $15 a month to run. Go with LEDs instead

“LED light bulbs are available for Christmas lights as well,” Wheeler said. “So, if you’re using those energy efficient lights, your monthly costs could go down to as little as 10 or 15 cents to light your home.”

Or, you could go with mini lights, which cost about $1 per month. Wheeler tells us the very first Christmas lights ever used would have cost the equivalent of $300 per month to keep going. As far as staying safe, Wheeler reminds everyone to check their Christmas lights for frayed wires or broken sockets.