Small Business Group Gives Positive Marks To Snyder Address

Governor Rick Snyder’s call for a push to get more workers trained in skilled trades is receiving high marks from the National Federation of Independent Business. Michigan Director Charlie Owens tells WSJM News he speaks all of the time to small business owners in need of skilled workers.

“They need carpenters, they need electricians,” Owens said. “We have folks in I.T. and they need folks who can do coding and programming. And of course you can go to almost any other area such as medical. They need those kind of folks as well.”

Owens says Governor Rick Snyder’s soon-to-be-released “Marshall Plan” for skilled trades is something he looks forward to seeing. Looking back on the Snyder administration, Owens says the Michigan tax climate has improved dramatically for businesses, and he looks forward to more tax changes.