Survey: More Drivers Getting Comfortable With Idea Of Self-Driving Cars

Attitudes among American drivers regarding self-driving cars are getting more positive. A survey released by AAA this week found 63% of U.S. drivers are afraid to ride in a self-driving car, a decrease from 78% in early 2017. AAA of Michigan spokesperson Gary Bubar tells us there will be plenty of time for everyone to get used to the idea of autonomous vehicles.

“It’s not like all of the vehicles on the road are going to immediately turn over to be autonomous and self-driving, or even connected vehicles for that matter,” Bubar said.

Bubar says in AAA’s survey, only 13% of U.S. drivers report that they would feel safer sharing the road with a self-driving vehicle while nearly half would feel less safe. AAA says while riding in self-driving vehicle is a futuristic concept for most, testing of those vehicles in the United States means sharing the road with them is an increasing near-term possibility.