Live Mannequins Moving To Spring

The Live Mannequins event held in downtown St. Joseph each December is being rebranded and moved to the spring. St. Joe Today’s Amy Zapal tells WSJM News Live Mannequins, which featured displays of people dressed as mannequins with different themes, has been a success in the winter as part of Light Up the Bluff. However, there are always huge crowds downtown for the December event, whereas there are other times of year that could use a boost downtown.

“March is kind of a quiet time downtown, and so what we’d like to do is not do Live Mannequins at all, and so that event will not happen,” Zapal said. “In March, we’ll have something on the first Saturday of March called March Mannequins.”

March Mannequins will begin next spring. For Light Up the Bluff this coming winter, Zapal tells us they’ll instead hold Live from Downtown, featuring special deals and other attractions at area shops. It’s hoped March Mannequins will get more people to come downtown in the spring to check out what the area has to offer.