South Haven Adopts Short-Term Rental Rules

The city of South Haven has adopted its new short-term rental regulations. The rules cover those homes which are rented out to vacationers for short periods of time. The issue has been a hot button in South Haven due to concerns about the noise tourists can bring to neighborhoods, along with the effects short-term rentals have on maintaining a year-round community. The regulations, adopted after a seven month process, define two basic kinds of short-term rentals — personal STRs and business STRs. The personal STRs can be rented up to six terms per year for a total of 28 days, while business STRs can be rented an unlimited number of times per year. The two face different inspection requirements and fees. There are more inspections and higher fees for business STRs. The rules also set up the permitting process. South Haven City Manager Brian Dissette says the rules “will best serve our community and the short-term rental owners within South Haven.”